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Adventure Sessions

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

You may be wondering what exactly is an adventure session? Well let me tell you its an incredibly fun way to capture you, your family, or your pets in the moment and doing what you love! I will spend and hour following you around and capturing your favourite past times. Maybe its hiking through the river valley, a family picnic, walking your dog through the ravine, fishing, a picnic or (like my kiddos) splashing in a creek. If you have young kids I highly recommend creek splashing we had an absolute BLAST!!

We walked down a path that led us to this amazing little creek so we spent the morning jumping, splashing and climbing through the bushes. Also I am super excited to come back here once it is a little bit more green can you imagine how beautiful it will be?!?

Morgan really enjoyed the splashing! These adventure sessions are a great way to capture your child's personality. They are not expected to sit and look at the camera. They just get to have fun and be themselves.

That doesn't mean you wont get any photos of them looking at the camera. It just helps make those smiles natural and genuine.

I also love capturing the details and closeups. After this splash Michael got water in his boots and was over the creek. So he decided to go venture into the woods and explore a bit.

Then we had a quick snack break... because my kids can't go an hour without having a snack. Anyone else? I swear my grocery bill has doubled having them both home all day every day.

And then we (ok they) played in the mud.

Followed by getting our hands cleaned.

Of course as I was telling Michael to not throw mud at me Morgan decided to go into the water that was just above the top of her boots.

She clearly had no issue with water going in her boots. We had a squishy walk back up to the bench, where she dumped them out. Followed by a two year old tantrum that we had to go home... Cause you know that is just life with a toddler.

If this looks like fun to you then you should probably think about booking your own adventure session! I will even take you to this location if you love it as much as I do.

Adventure sessions are $300 for an hour long and include all the best digital images from our time together. Fully edited and delivered via digital download. The best part is that these can be done with social distancing in place, what a better way to get out and enjoy some fresh air in a fun and safe way!

Please feel free to send me a message or email to if you have any questions or would like to book your own adventure session!


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