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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Sweet little Amilee came to me back in November for her newborn session. I always start my sessions by wrapping baby up, as it typically helps them get into a nice deep sleep. Well let me just say I think she knew my tricks and wasn't having any of it! She liked having her legs straight up in the air and stiff as a board. I was slowly able to get her relaxed enough to bend her knees and get her nice and cozy in a few different wrapped set ups.

Then, like I ussually do I brought her over to the bean bag and slowly un wrapped her... got one pose, but after that she was up and ready to party (and keep those teeny tiny newborn legs straight in the air).

So after many failed attempts of trying different poses on the bean bag, I decided to try wrapping her up again.....

Clearly that didn't work. But she was making adorable expressions so we did what I like to call newborn "mug shots".

After some time of her stretching out and playing on the bean bag, I got her all wrapped up again to head into photos with her mom and dad. And she fell back asleep... well sorta. Check out that adorable little tongue <3

Such an adorable, fun family!!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your precious little newborn,


Double EM Photography

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