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Newborn twins

This twin session may go down as one of my most difficult newborn sessions of all time. Twin sessions are often more difficult than singletons (I mean obviously two babies 🤷🏻‍♀️), and newborns over a month old are also on the more challenging side. These two came so see me at 7 weeks old and definitely made me work for it! If one was sleeping the other was wide awake and fussy, or for a bit they both just wanted to be up and partying. Despite all the difficulties; twins are still my favourite to capture, and mom and dad were able to go home with a beautiful gallery.

Do not let the closed eyes fool you baby girl was wide awake! Content but awake. This set was also the sleepiest and calmest baby boy was during the entire session.

For twin sessions I typically recommend booking my largest package as it gives you the most images. This way you can get a full gallery of both individual images and photos of the babies together.

newborns in bed

They may look like they were content and sleeping but trust me... they were not haha

baby girl

Pretty sure these are the looks of "ok lady this is enough".

Yay! Baby boy finally fell asleep for a little bit.

sage wrapped newborn

These family photos though 😍🙌🔥 (Yes emojis are the only way to describe them)

First time doing this pose with twins...I will definitely be doing it again.

newborn twin silhouette
twins on green flokati
newborn twin composite

Mom REALLY wanted a black and white in their hands (my #1 requested photo) and let me tell you this was not easy. One was wide awake, very fussy, and peed all over poor moms hands. But it was 1000% worth it, may even be one of my favourite photos I have ever taken. OK, well... if I am being completely honest it is the product of 3 photos all put together with the wonderful help of photo shop. The final product is pure perfection and that is all that matters.

twins in parents hands

And to finish it off the reality of trying to get the above image...

newborn twins

Once again, thank you to all of my amazing clients for giving me the honour of capturing your adorable newborn babies,


Double EM Photography

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