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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Whitney and her mom, dad and grandma came to see me way back in October... but her session, her chubby cheeks and her perfect baby rolls were just WAY to perfect not to share. She slept like a dream and went through all of the poses SO easily. It's almost like she knew what I wanted her to do before I even had to move her.

She slept through all of that in probably less than an hour!!!

WARNING: If you do not want to hear about baby bowel movements, skip to the end. But if you want to hear a hilarious story keep reading.

It was then time to get the family shots... typically I only ever do these wrapped (unless of course the parents want otherwise). But since Whitney was a serious dream I thought why not, lets do these naked. HA! I started with mom cradling her all tucked up nice and tight... she proceeds to poop ALL OVER the floor. Miraculously none ended up on moms clothes, so she kept holding her the same way while dad bent down to wipe up the floor... She then decided to poop again. But this time it ended up on dads head. I must say, I have seen A LOT of poop in the studio but this was a first, and gave me (and mom) a good laugh. Im not sure why but dad didn't find it as funny as we did haha. So while dad got cleaned up I decided to wrap her up to get a family shot for the proud {kinda stinky ;)} new parents.

This session was so much fun and is probably the most I have ever laughed during a newborn session!

Thanks again for giving me the honour of capturing your sweet little baby,


Double EM Photography

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